What I learned after starting a business on the go for a year

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What I learned after starting a business on the go for a year

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The life of a startup founder is often unrelenting. Long working hours and few holidays Your startup is your baby and requires 24/7 care and feeding. So what happens when the pandemic forces offices to be shut down and teleported to work for everyone? Great stuff as it turns out For many years my partner and I,

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who normally live in Paris.

talked more about the nomadic lifestyle by spending a few months in one city and then moving to another. when we started talking about it we both work together (customer support and software development, respectively), which can theoretically be done from anywhere. Then I co-founded the company. And we suppressed plans for a nomadic life.

We already have a small number of employees working remotely. But when we closed our Paris office and left our office in March 2020, some of our employees panicked a bit.But a funny thing happened on the way to our home office: productivity hasn't changed at all.

Inbound sales requests skyrocket - within weeks of the outbreak announcement. Our leads have increased 10x. We are signing customers left and right. We also hired dozens of new employees while being completely distant from each other. double the company We now have employees working from 17 countries